Thank You to the Walk Hosts

October 15th… a gorgeous day!  Felt good to be out on the walk in the neighborhood.  Enthusiasm flowed in our veins – what will we learn, and will we actually follow through on DIY!

First stop on the walk was Signa Computer Systems.  Our speaker, Greg, at the store was a gracious host and anticipated our tech issues by sharing his knowledge on enhancing Wifi bandwidth, facing virus / malware challenges, and very helpful IT tips.  Thank you Greg for welcoming us and giving us some amazing advice.



Second stop on the walk was A Jug Of Wine.  Howard welcomed us into the store … wonderful aromas filled our senses as our eyes feasted on the bottles of wine and kegs that can be found in the shop.  We learned about the wine making process and how easy and fun it is to get together with friends and make 30 bottles of your own wine within 6 weeks.  Howard shared stories of wines that were created for special occasions (weddings, special birthdays, Halloween party (coming up))… Best of all we tasted some amazing dessert wines (my fav was the vanilla, fig one though the raspberry mocha was a very close second)!


The third stop on the walk was Upper Canada Decorating Centre.  Excited to learn more, we gathered around Bill, our host, to hear his DIY tips.  We learnt about the different paints (did you know that there’s a fabulous new paint product that is quite forgiving for those novice DIYers – it flows smoothly on and does not leave behind paint brush streaks), reno procedures, little paint tester cans that one can buy to fix up paint booboos or test try a new coat of paint to see what calls out to you… Bill also answered all our home issue questions (water damage wall, fixing the tiny cracks that appear when new condos/ houses settle).  We even got loot bags to take home!


The forth stop was Locke Library and our speaker from Evergreen Bike Works.  Our speaker Jeff brought in a bike and tools to demo – wow.  Jeff has been volunteering at the Bike Works for many years and he shared amazing tips on bike maintenance.  We could hear his passion for biking as he spoke and learned a lot … about fixing flats on the go, how to listen to your bike (and yes it does speak to you when something is wrong), what products to use to clean your bike – spring cleaning for those seasonal bikers, and a handy tool recommended for every avid biker to carry.  A few of us are now planning to go out to Evergreen Bike Works and give DIY a go!  We’ll also be checking out the bike programs for next spring!


THANK YOU to all the walk speakers … for being gracious hosts and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.  We have all been inspired to be DIYers.

THANK YOU to Locke Library for hosting our Evergreen Bike Works speaker – and being our amazing neighborhood library and sharing some biking literature with the walkers – we value your help and support.

See you in the neighborhood!